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Body Kit Brand Names

Before you purchase your body kit or during shipping time, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a qualified installer for your body kit. If you are purchasing a fiberglass kit, it is especially important to find one that can specifically deal with the alterations that may be required to fit your kit correctly. Fiberglass kits in general need some finishing work during installation, such as sanding, primering, filling pinholes/gaps, trimming or shaving. Many times, our customers are charged more than they should if they use a shop who is not familiar with altering fiberglass because of the additional time involved.

JP Body Kits
JP Body Kits JP (Japan Products) Corporation is one of the oldest and largest aerodynamics body kit manufactures in Japan. Since 1970, JP Corporation worked with various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) companies in designing and manufacturing the aero kits using the latest technology, ''Super Polyurethane'' (SPU) material. JP Corporation in Japan have been known for an affordability and ultra high quality material that’s proven by many major auto manufactures in last 35 years.
AIT Body Kits
AIT Body Kits
AIT's new B-Magic aero-styling line will transform your ride into a work of art! All B-Magic body kits are fabricated using a state of the art fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rather than traditional fiberglass. This revolutionary material is ultra light, semi-flexible, and very strong.
APC Body Kits
APC Body Kits APC, make some really great body kits for your car.
Jetta Body Kits
Jetta Body Kit This is a body kit for the Volkswagen Jetta.
Erebuni Body Kits
Erebuni Body Kits
Erebuni is one of the most seasoned veterans in the industry. They manufacture a huge variety of exterior styling components and are extremely dependable. They offer body kits made of fiberglass, abs plastic, and urethane. You can't go wrong with an Erebuni product.
Veilside Body Kits
Veilside Body Kits The VeilSide showroom sits nearby the Tskuba Circuit on the outskirts of Tokyo. VeilSide. Co., Ltd. was established in September 1990 by Yokomaku Hiranao. The name is derived from Yokomaku's name, "maku" meaning veil, "yoko" meaning side.
Oettinger Body Kits
Oettinger Body Kit The Oettinger story begins 55 years ago in Frankfurt, Germany. Gerhard Oettinger obtained his mechanical engineering degree and, during the end of WWII, was a test engineer working on Daimler-Benz aircraft. After the war had ended, the British army was helping the Volkswagen factory resume production of the original Beetle, and Oettinger began tuning the little dynamos. Oettinger (the company), like most tuning facilities, had its humble beginnings in a small garage belonging to Oettinger’s (the man) parents. The company soon outgrew its surroundings, and the multi-storied headquarters now reside in Friedrichsdorf, just outside Frankfurt, and is easily discernible from the Frankfurt-Kassel autobahn.
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